How to make a pisco sour

After extolling the virtues of the Pisco sour upon my introduction to them in Chile, I have been meaning to put up the recipe for them.

First, though, it seems that getting Pisco in the UK might be tricky. I’ve tried in a couple of off licenses now (Thresher and Oddbins) and neither stock it. I’m not sure if this will be true of all Oddbins so I will keep hunting.

EDIT: googled some here although it’s v expensive.

In the meantime I will need to eke out the small bottle that, despite the best efforts of Madrid Airport’s delightful security, I was able to being back from Lima.

If you have Pisco, the rest of the ingredients are very easy to get and the whole thing can simply be whizzed up in a food processor in seconds.


60 ml (2 oz) pisco brandy
30ml (1 oz) fresh lemon/lime juice
10ml (1/4 oz) simple syrup (ie sugar dissolved in water)
1/2 egg white (more makes it v frothy and it’s not the same drink with none)
1 dash Angostura bitters


1. Beat the egg white and sugar in a blender
2. Add pisco, lime juice, ice
3. Blend more and pour into glasses. Decorate with a dash of bitters.

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