Tea plantation

Have just noticed that we forgot to mention the tea plantation visit – I think this was in Limuru  – outside Niarobi. We went with Dan, Pilar, Alex, Tanya and Kim (Hello all!). Where better to visit for big tea drinkers like us than this!

What a relaxing and rather refined experience. It was a bit like staying at my grandad’s house  – the same style furniture, and the table all layed properly for every meal. The couple that owned the place were lovely  – more English than the English it seemed.

The walk around the plantation was great with amazing views – monkeys, and of cours, lots of tea.

I should also mention the rain / hail – it was the heaviest I have ever seen – hopefully Paul will get the photo of alex in the rain on our site.

Dan taught everyone to play poker and we had a great game for low stakes. Eager to make up some of his losses, Paul did rather better this time (unlike me  – I kept buying back in), and walked away with quite a bit. Jon – we are looking forward to testing our new skills with you :)

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