Boxing Day

We haven’t been up to a great deal over the last few days but before we head off up north I thought i’d write a few words whilst enjoying some boxing day sun.

Thanks for the emails, calls and texts wishing us happy christmas. It’s been our first xmas away so it’s been a bit strange and we’ve missed having a family get together. However it was great watching Alex (Dan and Pilar’s 3 yr old) on xmas eve as he put out his stocking and a carrot with wine and a biscuit, then get incredibly excited on xmas morning.

We’ve also been to Hell’s Gate national park, 2hrs north of Nairobi. There’s a gorge we walked down that has geothermally heated water dripping from the sides. Also did a safari in Dan’s 4×4, and saw giraffe, buffalo and giraffe up really close. I also spotted a hyena cub in a bush near the track.

We’ve quite used to travelling around Nairobi, but it’s still fascinating. There are people everywhere. Walking on the sides of the road. Most of the buildings are little more than shacks with the poorer areas being quite depressing. Shops (shacks) on the side of the road are gaudily painted with their names. There are armed guards on the entrances to the bigger houses and guards man barriers on entrances to estates, like at Dan and Pilar’s. We also witnessed a stick beating on the side of the road. Unfortunately it’s not really safe enough to wander around; a couple of the ISK teachers have been attacked and car jacked. It’s a shame as it’s very green (although lots of traffic) with forests and groves dotted all over the city. It’s also fairly hilly with lots of streams and rivers criss-crossing the city.

Tomorrow morning (27th) we’re off for a 3 day trip to Nakuru, Beringo and Begoria; these are lakes a few hrs north that are famous for their birds and wildlife. We’re camping again so it should be a great trip! Back on the 30th before heading to the coast on new year’s day.

More news soon.

Love Paul and Becs.

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