Lakes Nakuru, Baringo and Bogoria

Just a quick update about our three day trip to these three lakes about 3-5 hours north of Nairobi.

Lake Nakuru is amazing, a soda lake with lots of flamingoes as well as a large national park where we saw white rhinos (being re-introduced to the park after almost going extinct), waterbucks, ostrich, lots of buffalo. We also had close encounters with a solitary male buffalo grazing near our tents and some cheeky baboons fighting over our waste spaghetti and banana skins!

Baringo is a fresh water lake further north than Nakuru. Bird life there is amazing, too many to mention but I did manage to get a few decent shots (including the one of the hornbill tucking into a bit of bread). We took a boat trip out on to the lake and, other than being a very beautiful place, also saw hippos, crocodiles and hunting fish eagles. The pics of the geysers are at Lake Bogoria, a bit south of Baringo. The water is too hot to touch (in fact Alex hurt his foot when he slipped into a stream of hot water). There were lots of eggshells around as people evidently boiled a few eggs there!

Off to the coast on New Year’s Day, Mombasa and Watamu. Hopefully the rain will stop so we can do a bit of sunbathing!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Love Paul and Becs.

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