Web server hacked and database deleted :(

Hi everyone

This morning I received the following email from Web Mania, the people that I use to host our web site:

Unfortunately an attacker has been able to gain access to server 18 by using an exploit in a php script that was installed on a users website.

As a result they used the exploit to gain access to the server and delete databases from the server.

If you have been using a database, we would ask that you check your website and if necessary replace the database with a copy.

Unfortunately we do not take backups of user data, so we are not able to do this for you.

We have now reset all the mysql user permissions on the server and would also ask that you check any third party scripts that you have on your website to ensure you have the most recent versions.

If you run into trouble in trying to get your own backup restored, please let us know and we will do our best to assist.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

From the team at Web Mania

I didn’t realise that I needed to take back ups, so EVERYTHING that we wrote whilst we were travelling has GONE.

As you can imagine, we’re a bit upset.


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