Many moons ago, or so it seems

As you will have read in an earlier post, I nearly threw the computer out the window when my blog entry magically disappeared from my screen (having spent an hour writing it. Having got over the devastation, I thought it time to recap on some of the unwritten adventures!

So, off to Turtle Bay beach club we went, leaving the smells of Mombasa behind. Essentially we spent a blissful week with Dan, Pilar, Alex, Julie, Peter, Ben and Willie enjoying the luxurious surroundings, snorkelling lots and grazing on the constant supply of all inclusive food.

Best spot on the snorkelling was a pretty big puffer fish just off the beach. We decided not to go diving as the vis wasn’t amazing, and snorkelling out to the little island off the beach was pleasant enough.

Paul managed to squeeze in a bit of kite surfing so he was pretty chuffed, and Dan, Paul and Peter got very competitive when it came to the volley ball and water polo – luckily the games seemed to involve mainly adults, so no children were maimed.

Low point, or should I say angry point of the week for me was watching some other snorkellers treading on the coral – needless to say I had a right go at them!

We were all pretty sad to leave turtle bay – the fact that we didn’t leave its gates for the entire week probably tells you how nice it was to just veg out there.

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