OK, here I go again: Kenya to Thailand

The last update was the Lakes – so much has happened since then! After a few days of resting and going out with Dan and Pilar’s friends  – Oh and New Year which passed very quietly as we had to get up at 5am, off we (including Dan Pilar, Alex, Julie, Peter and Julie’s parents) went to Mombasa.

The trip got off to an exciting start with Julie and company going to the wrong airport and only getting to the right one in the nick of time for the flight (well, actually it was delayed so that was ok – phew!).

After finding a clean hotel in Mombasa (second time lucky) asnd having a quick dip in the pool, off we went to Fort Jesus and a walk around the Old Town. In the guide book it says you will either love or loathe Mombasa. I think I am closer to the latter, though granted we were downtown Mombasa  – not the bit with the hotels near a beach.

Fort Jesus was a bit disappointing and the Old Town walk was fascinating… but an assault on the senses that I don’t need to experience twice! There were so many interesting buildings that must have been something in their day, but alas, not any more. Apparently they have really cleaned Mombasa old town up in the last few years…

On a more positive note, the ride back to the hotel with five of us squashed into a little orange tuk tuk was great! Like being on a roler coaster:)

Anyway, we all decided that one night (instead of three) was enough in Mombasa, so Peter arranged for us to go to Turtle Bay early the following day.

Right I am off as the computer is playing up, you’ll have to wait for the next installment.

Bye bye from a frustrated Becs!

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