Not long now

Hello everyone – if there is anyone left still reading this!

As we are nearly at the end of the trip, we thought we had better write something about Peru, so here goes!

Well, getting to Peru was a bizarre experience. We went overland from Arica in Chile to Tacna. On arrival to the bus terminal in Arica, we were met by numerous collectivo (taxi) drivers bidding for our business to take us to Peru. The guy we picked was pretty gruff, but he whisked us efficiently into the office to pay – then we saw his car! A massive and very old Ford complete with red fur seat covers, dashboard cover, and wait for it….a red fur-lined ceiling inside! Of course he drove very fast and played terrible techno music very loud all the way to Peru! That said, he did get us across very quickly and made sure we stood in all the right queues with our passports.

We immediately flew from Tacna to Lima nad then Cusco – this involved spending many hour in the middle of the night lying on the cold tiled floor in Lima airport – not recommended!

Things looked up considerably when we arrived at Cusco airport and Zoe and Steve (from Australia) approached us to see if we wanted to share a taxi. Big hello to Zoe and Steve! They seemed far more with it than us, and made sure we didn’t pay too much for the taxi. Anyway, more about them later as we continued to meet up and go places.

Cusco is really nice, if a bit nippy at night. Hmmm my time is running out so I will have to continue tomorrow! We are staying in a place that limits internet access – a place that feels like a ghost hotel in the middle of nowhere – it is pretty weird – and to top it all we are booked in two nights – aaarghh – BUT we should see some boobies (birds), penguins and sea lions tomorrow so hopefully that will make up for it! Then we will be back to Lima for our last night and day before the long journey home.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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