Greetings from Margaret River

Hello everyone

Sorry for the lack of news but we have been on the road for the last 10 days and getting access to the net is not easy. We hired a campervan in Perth shortly after we arrived and have been on a bit of a road trip up and down the massive coast of Western Australia. To say to that Oz is big is a bit of an understatement… we have done a lot of driving and seemingly covered not that much of the west coast.

However we got up as far as Coral Bay on the Ningaloo reef. The coral here is excellent and we also managed to snorkel with manta rays (again…!) although the visibility was slightly murky due to a 3m swell…

We are down in wine country, around Margaret River. It’s very reminiscent of home here with gently rolling hills, winding roads, lots of trees and a coastline similar to Cornwall. We should be doing some wine tasting this afternoon and then tomorrow heading back up to Perth before our flight to Sydney.

Inspired by the constant deep blue sky, we indulged ourselves in a new camera when we started in Perth, with a polarising filter… so when we get them on the net you’ll get bored seeing lots and lots of pictures with a postcard-perfect blue sky :)

Please keep sending us emails by the way… we can receive them on Becs’ PDA but sending is not working for some reason.

Love Becs and Paul.

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