We saw a whale shark!!!

Well, we have just had the best 5 days diving of our lives! This is just a quick post to gloat really:)

EDIT: here’s the photos:

We have been diving in the Similan Islands and Surin Islands off west coast of Thailand. We were hoping to see Manta rays – and so we did! Lots of them, sweeping past like enormous flying machines. Then to top it all we saw a whaleshark – about 4m long I think as we were sitting on our safety stop on the way up. Went snorkelling after the dive and we were rewarded with seeing it again – for me much closer this time.

Of course we saw lots of other brilliant stuff, but you will have to wait for us to get the photographic evidence up on the site.

Take care everyone – hope you are enjoying the warm winter we have been hearing about – 15 degrees in Aberdeen eh???

love from 2 happy divers!

PS we are off to a tiny island tomorrow to relax on the beach – not sure if there will be internet access there, so may be a few days before we are in touch again.

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