Quick update from Chiang Mai

Have an interesting story to tell about Chiang Mai: we got chatting to an Thai lady (Simone) on the night train up here. She was married to an English bloke and they lived in Henley on Thames for a few years (he worked for Glaxo / GSK). He passed away 25 years ago and she moved back to Thailand. Anyway she invited us to stay with her in her nice house whilst we are in Chiang Mai (!), so we have the comforts of home instead of being in a guest house (not that guest houses are too bad). She’s a lovely lady and has had a very interesting life.Chiang Mai is lovely, a really nice city with lots of countryside around to trek in. Very cheap and so much nicer than Bangkok.

Have just uploaded a memory card dump of 150 photos (internet access is about 15p/hour up here) that I haven’t had time to organise or label, but some interesting shots of Bangkok and the floating market.

Off trekking in the hills for 3 days so more news (including Becs’ missing post) when we get back.


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