Flights an itinerary

On Monday (4th September) I booked the tickets. We had gone into on the Saturday before we went to Ireland and planned the route.

It’s made everything a lot more real, as we have now put down some hard cash for something! I don’t have the details here (this is being written from a hotel room in Aberdeen) so I will put the exact dates and so on when I’m back home.

Edit: the dates are now correct.

8th December
Heathrow T4 – Nairobi
(BA65 Dep 1005 Arr 2120)

A month in Kenya with Dan, Pilar and Alex, and some safari-ing.

9th/10th January
Nairobi – Dubai T1 – Bangkok
(EK720 Dep 1715 Arr 2315; EK384 Dep 0315 Arr 1205)

5 weeks in Thailand, hopefully with a dash of Cambodia and a trip down Malaysia to Singapore.

12th February
Singapore T1 – Perth
(QF72 Dep 0910 Arr 1510)

12 days in Western Australia

24th February
Perth T2 – Sydney T3
(QF580 Dep 1025 Arr 1725)

18 days on the eastern coast of Australia, Sydney and the Barrier Reef with Tim.

16th March
Sydney T1 – Christchurch TM
(QF45 Dep 0925 Arr 1420)

5 weeks in New Zealand, overland to Auckland.

13th April
Auckland T1 – Santiago T1
(QF321 Dep 1715 Arr 1245)

5 weeks in Chile and Peru.

20th/21st May
Lima – Madrid 4S – Heathrow T2
(BA7233/IB6650 Dep 2055 Arr 1435; BA7058/IB3166 Dep 1630 Arr 1750)

Back home in time for Charlotte and Will’s wedding!


Now the bad bit! Total cost for the tickets is £3490 (including taxes) for the both of us (£1745 each). It’s slightly more expensive than more RTW tickets as we are having to pay extra for the leg down to Kenya as Africa isn’t covered in standard RTW routes. Standard fare for that route excluding Kenya is £2790 (£1395 each). Kenya flights are £700 (£350 each).

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