Thoughts on our itinerary

We’ve spent a while thinking about what places we want to visit. There’s lots to consider: the world is a big place, and although 5 months seems like a long time, you quickly realise how little time it actually is.

Start date is going to be sometime between the 1st – 9th December. We will be returning around the middle of May for my sister’s wedding.

We’re starting off in Kenya, as this is where Dan and Pilar (who we met on the Cornwall camping trip in July) are now working/living, and they very kindly invited us to visit them there. They live in Nairobi but we also hope to visit Mombasa at the coast, and do a decent amount of safari’ing.

Next up should be Thailand, somewhere we’ve both wanted to go and a place which is well set up for travellers. We’d like to visit Chiang Mai (north – hills), the island of Koh Tao (for diving) and obviously Bangkok itself. We’d also like to ‘pop’ into Cambodia to see the temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom etc, and I’d like to take the boat ride from Phnom Penh up to Siem Reap (which is where the temples are).

Next will be Australia, probably Sydney first (where our friend Tim lives) although we may try and fly into Perth (WA) as this is closer to Thailand. We both want to see leafy sea dragons, which can be found off Perth. The coastline also looks stunning, and the kitesurfing looks good. The Great Barrier Reef is also a must.

Then over to New Zealand, hopefully for a tour round most of the country.

The final leg of the trip will be in South America. It looks like it will be Santiago (Chile) first, then who knows. It’s a big place (a continent!) and we want to try and focus on 2 or maybe 3 countries; I’d like Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Transport (other than flying) isn’t great and although we’re happy to travel by bus we don’t want to waste too much time sitting on buses.

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