We’ve been in Nairobi for a few days now. Not too much to say but wanted to put in our first post from abroad.

Arrival was fascinating – or at least Paul was fascinated by the baggage carousels and the single luggage scanner for an entire 747 full of luggage!

We are staying at Dan and Pilar’s house in the north west of the City, just outside the suburb of Westlands. It’s green, quiet and leafy and generally very nice! We’re writing this from an internet cafe about 10mins drive from their house, and getting here was our first “adventure”, driving on our own in Dan’s 4×4. We have already met lots of Dan and Pilar’s friends (BBQ in the garden, and a meal out to a great North African restaurant).

Everything here certainly seems to happen at a different pace, and it is a bit of a culture shock (not in a bad way). the markets have been fun – lots of bartering – though Pilar had to help out with this at first – thanks Pilar! Also the first time we have ever seen people playing pool under some trees by the side of a market!

Tomorrow we set off on safari for 4 days, which should hopefully be amazing! And this afternoon we are going down to Karen to see giraffes.

We’ll post again soon hopefully.

Love P&B

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